Journey to Indescribable Beauty : Part I: Awakening

Does your Soul hunger for Love and Beauty?

Does it seem that there is more to Life, that which would supply meaning, make it all make sense, if only you could find it?

Then this book is for you.

Based on a true story and told in fictional form, this is the story of one man’s journey to find his Soul.

From the depths of Despair, to the Joy, Love and Forgiveness of Source, and on to the Indescribable Beauty of connecting to the All-That-Is that lies beyond, we follow Murray on his journey to the Light.

Told through the framework of Native American teachings, Murray finds connection, meaning, the promise of Love, and new life.

This story aims to re-connect you to your deepest Self.

Having read the book, your Soul will understand the message.

Awakening is the first book in the Journey to Indescribable Beauty trilogy.

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Meet the author

andrew murray

Born in 1972 in Harare, Zimbabwe, Andrew began his journey into the realm of Spirit as a baby lying on a pillow while his parents joined in group meditations.

Since then, widely varied life experiences including qualifying as an engineer, and becoming a corporate warrior have helped him structure his mission of joyously connecting Souls to Love and Beauty.

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