The Way of Beauty  is a philosophy, a theory, a way of life.

It is a way of living in beauty, with beauty, moment by moment.

It is about enhancing your experience to feel, live and appreciate the beauty of each moment, even when those moments are not pretty.

Having its foundations in connecting and working with the underlying Spirit, or essence, the Way of Beauty works to clear the path between our Souls and the world as we see it.



Everything we make, see, feel, do or experience is a co-creation.

A rose, dew dappled in the light of the first rays of dawn, is a co-creation between the rose, the water, the earth, the sun and ourselves, as we experience the harmony and beauty of the pattern.

Our awe, gratitude and appreciation create a resonance that adds to the sum of the moment, enhancing and boosting the pattern.

Connecting our Spirit with the Spirits of Rose, Water, Earth and Sun in a moment of boundless, limitless unity.

A moment of Beauty.

This is the essence of the Way of Beauty.

The WOB draws on the Native American teaching of Walking In Beauty, walking gently on the Earth as we move through the heavens

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